El Arenal in Majorca

El Arenal
'El Arenal' - Majorca
'El Arenal' - Attribution: Gonzobonzo

El Arenal is a small piece of paradise tucked away on the Western Coast of Majorca. The resort is quite shielded from the rest of the island and serves as an oasis in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. El Arenal is home to a warm ocean, lovely weather and friendly locals. Surrounded by beautiful waters and palm trees, this area in particular is an amazing place for rest and recuperation. Visitors will find the calm waves of the Mediterranean and the warm rays of the sun to be very relaxing and enjoyable. For those with a love of adventure, El Arenal has plenty of things to do that will really get your blood pumping. One last thing that El Arenal is well-known for is its attraction towards German 20-something tourists. It is even known as the 'German Magaluf'.

Activities & Things to Do in El Arenal

While some visitors may prefer to kick back and relax, soak up the rays and sip on ice-cold cocktails, others may wish to feed their need for adenaline. El Arenal is the perfect location for water sports; with the Mediterranean Sea right on their doorstep, visitors can fish, swim, drive boats and take part in countless energetic water-based activities. If you get the chance, head to Aqualand, El Arenal's local water park. A day spent here is guaranteed to be fun for all the family. Another place worth visiting is Palma Aquarium, a fantastic marine park with more than 8,000 animals and 700 different animal species. There is absolutely no better place to enjoy the wonderful gift of nature. El Arenal's scenery is stunning, so it is a prime location for photographers as well.

Beaches in El Arenal

El Arenal is situated on the eastern end of the 6km-long 'Playa de Palma'. This beach runs from C'an Pastilla, through Playa de Palma itself and finally along to El Arenal. The beach is known for its typical tourist resort 'Lookie Lookie Men' who sell watches and sunglasses for a reasonable price. Not only this, but it is often said to look out for the 'Balnearios'. These are small & pretty beach huts with a toilet, shower and a kiosk selling all sorts of snacks.

The Culture & Locals in El Arenal

One of the most amazing parts of a visit to El Arenal is sharing the experience with the locals. The kind & helpful people of Majorca are very hospitable and some find that sharing a fish dinner with the locals is more rewarding than any other dining experience. A visit to El Arenal and Majorca is guaranteed to form memories that will last a lifetime.

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