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Cala D'Or
'Cala D'Or hotel beach in Majorca' - Majorca
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The idyllic tropical destination of Cala d’Or lies along the southeastern coast of Majorca and encompasses the Cala d’Or town centre, Cala Egos and Cala Ferrera. Originally a small fishing village, Cala d'Or gradually emerged into the popular holiday destination it is today. Even so, Cala d'Or still provides a unique fishing village atmosphere, with its coves and waterways still intact and unchanged.

Accommodation in Cala d'Or

Cala d’Or offers a wide variety of accommodation, most of which readily fitting into any visitor’s budget. There are many options available, from luxurious villas to resort hotels, but it is said that self-catering apartments are the most affordable choice. The community provides five different hostels, each varying in price. However, the Hostal de la Caravel·la is highly recommended by travellers, probably due to its 'budget hotel' feel, as oppose to a typical, run-of-the-mill hostel vibe. Locals don't often take part in camping activities, but nonetheless, camping remains a fun activity for visitors to Cala d'Or, which has a selection of campsites in and nearby the area. On the northwest coast of the island is Lluc, wh the fully equipped Font Coberta and Margenó campsites.

Beaches in Cala d'Or

The beaches of Cala d'Or remain a major attraction for its guests, who can choose from five different ones during their stay in the beautiful resort.

Cala d'Or Beach

Cala d’Or lies closest to the popular Marina de Cala d'Or, where visitors have access to sun beds and parasols, along with bathrooms and showers, plus a bar at the back of the bay. The calm waters here provide the perfect place for beginner swimmers. This beach is also known by the locals as Es Forti, and as it is 100 metres deep, visitors may have to take a short walk to gain access to the ocean.

Cala Gran Beach

For the more energetic types, Cala Gran Beach features waterfront bars and restaurants along with a children’s playground. Being the biggest of the beaches in the area, Cala Gran is known to become busy during the hot summer months, but with its fine, white sand and clear blue ocean, you'll be too busy in bliss to notice.

Cala Esmerelda Beach

The long & narrow coves of the petite beach that is Cala Esmeralda are a sight of pure natural beauty, and its quiet, calm waters allow visitors to really wind down and relax. Being quite central to the Cala d'Or resort itself gives added convenience to Cala Esmerelda, which has a lovely bar and restaurant.

Cala Ferrera Beach

Cala Ferrera provides the perfect snorkeling destination, as the rock formations guard against any incoming wind and therefore keep the clear, turquoise sea calm. The numerous facilities found here include bars, restaurants and even massage therapists, providing visitors with the perfect chance to get pampered.

Cala Serena Beach

The small & secluded Cala Serena remains the perfect spot for those who prefer a little privacy whilst on holiday. It is said by many that Cala Serena Beach is one of the most beautiful and natural in the area.

Historical Activities in Cala d'Or

Popular activities in the area certainly include a visit to the Castillo de Santueri, or 'Castle Santueri', which stands majestically on a rocky land above the S’Horta village. The Romans first established a fortress there and the current structure dates back to the 13th century. Visitors have the opportunity to explore this historical attraction and learn about the fascinating history behind the Moorish attacks. Tour the unusual Caves of Drach or the Caves of Hams, which are also located in that area.

Cycling in Cala d'Or

Locals and guests alike also tend to enjoy cycling around the area. Numerous paths lead up into the picturesque mountains. For those who aren't really up for a physical challenge, merely tour the scenic east coast. Visit the fragrant gardens in S’Horta, and then pedal on towards Porto Colom. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach before making the journey back to Cala d’Or.

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